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What's Up With These Gummy Bears?

We rate restaurants using our proprietary Gummy Bear Rating Scale.  (No justification for use of gummy bears needed.)

Factors determining whether we're going to give you Gummy Bears:
~Did we like the food?
~Did the grown-ups like the food?
~Was the atmosphere kid-friendly? 
~Was the atmosphere toddler-friendly?  (This factor is critical.)
~Was there anything special about the restaurant (free parking, complimentary treats, one-of-a-kind theme, etc.)?
We'll give each restaurant a rating of 0 to 5 Gummy Bears:
0 Gummy Bears  = Tantrum throwing ensued when we left the restaurant (toddlers and adults).
5 Gummy Bears = We fell asleep as soon as we got into the car because we were so full and happy (toddlers and passengers only).
Hope you all find our Gummy Bear ratings helpful!  Happy eating!

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