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A Message From The Toddler Foodies

We became Toddler Foodies because, as you can see, we take eating very seriously: 

Intently munching on beef chow fun at Ming's BBQ in Duluth.
Subtitles:  "I eat meat... I eat like a man."
(Reaction to eating Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q for the first time.)

We also like to eat out and try different things; but, the reality is, not every restaurant is a good fit for us.  Although we adore Yelp and rely on it heavily to make our dining out plans, it just doesn't provide the kid-focused details we (and our mommies/daddies) need to make informed decisions.  So we decided to help fill in the blanks by becoming foodies ourselves. 

And... We. Just. Love. To. Eat.  

Here's what you can expect from our blog:

~Ratings of restaurants based on factors that are important to toddlers and their parents
~Links to restaurants' Yelp pages because we love Yelp!
~Brief descriptions of what we ate and our overall experience
~Tips on how to make the dining experience at each restaurant more palatable

Our goals are to inform you and hopefully make you smile.  Feel free to interact with us by commenting and posting recommendations of your own.  And find us on Instagram (@toddlerfoodies) if you want to see extra content that may not show up here.

Happy reading - and happier eating!

The Toddler Foodies


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