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Toddler Foodie FAQs

Cooking breakfast at home on a Saturday morning.
We've gotten lots of inquiries about our eating excursions and our overall mission, so we decided to write up some FAQs for our curious friends: 

Do the Toddler Foodies eat out every day?

No.  We aim to eat out and blog about our experience 3 times per week.  The other 4 days out of the week, we eat food that Mommy cooks at home. Mommy works full time, so she is always looking for healthy, tasty recipes that she can make in a flash.  She is partial to blogs like Work It, Mom! and websites like Cooking Light, but also experiments in the kitchen when time permits.

How do the Toddler Foodies decide which restaurants to visit?

We have themes every now and then, but our selections are generally random.  We go wherever Daddy and Mommy's cravings take us, although we do try to eat at one new restaurant every week.  We are also more than happy to go to any restaurant that invites us for a special visit.   

How do the Toddler Foodies decide what to eat once they get to the restaurant?

We just select what looks good to us, or we take cues from our server.  We aim to try a new food or dish once a week.

Do the Toddler Foodies always eat all the food they order?  It seems like a lot!

No way.  We often take doggy bags home to eat the next day.  We love leftovers (and Mommy sometimes finds creative ways to repurpose them). 

And, just to be clear:  we don't like every food we taste.  There are many foods we have spit out onto our plates or the table to Mommy and Daddy's horror.  We're toddlers, that's what we do!

Do the Toddler Foodies always behave in restaurants?

No.  We have meltdowns just like every other toddler, but we're learning more about restaurant etiquette with each eating excursion.  Mommy gets tips from online publications, such as this Global Post article, to help prepare her for foodie trips that go badly (and, believe us, the possibility is always there).  And she always keeps coloring books, toys, and Wild Kratts episodes on-hand. 

What is the Toddler Foodies' mission?

We simply want to provide useful information and enlightening, entertaining reading material to our audience - and have fun doing it. 

How can I contact the Toddler Foodies? 

If you want to contact us, you can email us at  Or you can connect with us on Instagram (@toddlerfoodies).  We love it when people say hello to us!  And we especially welcome dining invitations to restaurants that want some free marketing. :)

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